A collection of writings mostly about design and customer behavior.



  • Counter App, Part I

    Every 4 weeks I count 3 groups of people and share those numbers with others. I decided to design a Counter app to help me do it better.


  • Designing across layers

    I was inspired by this Intercom blog post to map my own knowledge and skills across 4 layers of design: Outcome, System, Interaction, and Visual.

  • How I see it playing out

    From app idea to job-to-be-done to product design - this is a rough outline of how I currently see it all playing out.

  • The Jony Ive interview with Vanity Fair

    I feel so absurdly lucky to be part of a creative process. where on one day, on Tuesday At the beginning of the week, there is no idea. We don't know what we are going to do, there's nothing. Then, by Wednesday, there's an idea that was created...

  • Constraints and Design

    I recently read the Rework book summary at Squeezed Books. There is a point made in the book, under the heading, 'Embrace constraints', that I have been thinking about...