Case Studies

Personal projects that go a bit more in-depth on a problem.

Counting Eye

Typeface Quiz

Near Surface

Short experiments having to do with various techniques and tools.

Designing a Handoff with Figma

Checkout Form Redesign

Sign-Up Form Design with TailwindCSS

Animating a Line Graph

About me

A designer with too many tabs open.

I am...

A learner. I’m always looking for ways to improve. I listen to people, ask questions, and respond in a thoughtful manner.

Adaptable. I’m not threatened by change and use my strength as a learner to anticipate changes and evolve.

Responsible. I'm committed to my core values and desire to do what is right and ethical.

A systems-thinker. I look for insights and I seek out new ideas, approaches, theories and technologies to improve understanding of observations.